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By Travis (travisw) on Apr 29, 2010 9:06 AM.
needs to run as root?
I get this when attempting to run:

start-stop-daemon: Unable to open pidfile `/var/run/' for writing: Permission denied (Permission denied)

My understanding is that it's generally a good idea for network accessible database daemons to run as their own user without sudo or root permissions. Take PostgreSQL for example. What modifications might I make to make this work?
By Tobias Downer (toby) on Apr 29, 2010 2:42 PM.
A MckoiDDB node does not need to be run as root and I do recommend taking the extra security precautions to run the node process on a unique user account. To run a node as none-root, create a user that has permissions to access the Java runtime, Mckoi binaries/config data and read/write permission on the MckoiDDB node data and log directory. Make sure the user is allowed to bind to the TCP/IP ports you have defined for the Mckoi node process to use. Edit the 'mckoiddb' init.d script and change the PIDFILE variable to some place this user can write. That should be it.

The init.d script found in the release is a template and I fully encourage you to customize it for your desired setup.
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