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By Jean-Fabrice Derouer (jeanfab) on Dec 10, 2010 4:57 AM.
Any news?
I've read some information about plans of development of the project, but there has been a lot of time between the last time you uploaded a version of McKoiDDB: is the project supported? Is it still in development?

A collegue show me the project last week: I would like to know if is it possible to see the progresses and knowing if we can introduce it in our "veille technologique" (it's difficult to explain in english, but it's a standard we follow some projects, studying the implementation in our solutions) or if we should drop it.

Is there any public repository of your project that I can watch into?

By Tobias Downer (toby) on Dec 10, 2010 11:35 AM.
MckoiDDB is in development and supported. What type of repository would you like to see? After the next release I plan on implementing some improvements to the website, which I'm expecting a January schedule for.
By Jean-Fabrice Derouer (jeanfab) on Dec 13, 2010 1:30 AM.
Yes Tobias, but what I ment was that you have not release any new version of McKoiDDB in more than 6 month and nothing news: it's difficult to predict what the project will be in the future, if the project is live and which features it will be implemented.
When we see the code of an open source project we can say the project is progressing and we can make some assumpions and preview implementations.
Our company is the second largest eCommerce retailer on internet (immediately after Amazon): we're very interested by open source projects and we base a lot of our business on them (especially Apache ones). My collegue John made a little presentation to the team about your project and I like it, but I cannot say we can develop a component based on it, because we don't know if in 6 months McKoiDDB will be the same way we use it now, if some bugs will be fixed, and many organizational issues like this.
You understand that for a company processing 17-18bln euros each year, we must have something we know well: even if we use McKoiDDB in a component that impacts only 1% of our processes, this means hundread of millions in possible damages.

I look forward to see something or have some clarifications.

By Tobias Downer (toby) on Dec 14, 2010 4:41 PM.
I understand the impression and there are plans in progress to help improve the profile of the project. I'd like to assure you that any bugs found in MckoiDDB are addressed at a high priority. I am particularly interested in working with large implementations of MckoiDDB and if you decide that Mckoi is a good fit for one of your projects I will be very excited to personally work closely with your group.

With respect to source code control - I agree with John (we've talked often through email), and it makes a lot of sense to move the development version to a public repository. There is a new project based on MckoiDDB that's being announced soon and I hope to encourage some outside collaboration on it, so expect to see the development process opening up more.
By Jean-Fabrice Derouer (jeanfab) on Dec 16, 2010 12:22 AM.

It's nice to see that you're taking some actions in open your code more, but the thing is just one, not the total needed. I'm giving you some suggestions, not the solution: it's not even said that we will use McKoiDDB (I am a chief project, this is a decision to take by company architects), but when we, like any other big corporation, decide to use an open-source project (for example, we use a lot of Apache projects), we do it by watching the status of development, the progresses and the maintainability. Like I said, we cannot invest developers time (this is a huge cost for learning them and for implement solutions, considering everyone takes hundreads of euros per day) without knowing if the project is stable, if the project will be continued, and it seems that you just release milestones without any intermediate communication, and no plans (at least, not visibles).
For example, in his presentation John told us you were releasing a new version last month with graph functionalities, that we are intererested, but I see nothing still.

If I'm spending some time by posting to your website is not why I want to attack you or say that you're doing a bad job: I was a developer before this role and I took the time to read your code and I believe it is elegant and potentially a very good one, also in its complexity. I would like to encourage the adoption of your project, but for the moment I will put it on hold, waiting for some progresses.

Best luck!

PS. I didn't know you know John ... I make confidence in him, because we work together for years now (in different companies) and he convinced me that your project would be a good solution for Amadeus (our company).
By Tobias Downer (toby) on Dec 16, 2010 6:52 PM.
Thank you for the feedback. One point I must address is; moving into the future we don't intend to make too frequent releases of the MckoiDDB core software with significantly new features like some other open source projects do, but rather concentrate on satellite projects of MckoiDDB which implement data models, application stacks and developer tools. These satellite projects will follow a more traditional open source project development cycle and MckoiDDB itself will only be bugfix/performance releases. In general, database software does not lend itself well to a frequently updating release schedule because the persistent data formats are difficult/impossible to incrementally change without introducing administration headaches. This is the reason why we won't release often (except for bugfixes of course), at least for the MckoiDDB core part.

All of your points are well heard though, and I hope you will like the changes we have planned.
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