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By lauwenmark on Jul 23, 2011 2:02 AM.
Horizontal scalability Benchmarks

I'd like to know if any benchmarking on McKoiDDB scalability has been performed recently, especially about average read/write latency and throughput.

How does latency degrade when adding nodes to a McKoiDDB cluster? In which range should I expect average latency to be?

By Tobias Downer (toby) on Jul 24, 2011 10:53 PM.
These are questions that are really not possible to answer in a general way because of all the configuration possibilities in hardware and how MckoiDDB can be set up and partitioned. It also depends on the size of the data set, access characteristics, data fragmentation, partition bottlenecks, cache sizes, etc.

Typically a small key-value query will only hit one of the block servers that contains the data provided sufficient meta-data is cached by the client. Worse case a key-value query will have to hit a manager, root and a block server.

I suggest putting some data in it and kick its tires and see how it does.
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