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API Documentation: Interface AddressableDataFile


A DataFile that is addressable in a KeyObjectDatabase.

Methods Summary

Object getBlockLocationMeta(long start_position, long end_position)

Method Details

Object getBlockLocationMeta(long start_position, long end_position)

Returns an object that describes a fully qualified addressable location of the data representing this DataFile from the start position (inclusive) to the end position (exclusive). The object returned is entirely implementation specific, and is used by the 'copyFrom' and 'replicateFrom' methods to optimize the block replication methods. Calling 'df.getBlockLocationMeta(0, df.size())' will return a meta object describing the complete file content.

This method may return null, which signifies that the content of the file is not eligible to be replicated using a block replication method. For example, a DataFile that has content entirely on the Java Heap should return null for this method.

For security reasons, the object returned should not expose information about the data being addressed.

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