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API Documentation: Class ODBClassCreator

Package: com.mckoi.odb

Creates and prepares a set of classes to be added to a Mckoi Object Database. Before completing the operation, the classes defined must be validated to ensure member references are consistent. For example, a member may not reference a class that doesn't exist.

Methods Summary

ODBClassDefinition createClass(String class_name)
boolean hasCreatedClass(String class_name)
void validateAndComplete() throws ClassValidationException

Method Details

ODBClassDefinition createClass(String class_name)

Creates a new class with the given class name. Note that this will not immediately create a class that can be referenced inside a transaction. Instead, the set of classes describing the object schema must first be created, and then 'validateAndComplete' is called to perform the database operations. This ensures that member references in a class must be concrete.

boolean hasCreatedClass(String class_name)

Returns true if this creator has created a class with the given class name.

void validateAndComplete()

Validates all class definitions created by this object and if the schema is valid, updates the database appropriately. After this method finishes, this object and any objects created by this object are invalid. An exception is generated if the validation process fails.

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