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Latest Downloads

MckoiDDB is open source software, released under the GPL version 3. Please read the license page before downloading the software.

The following current releases are available to download;

Note: The SQL package also includes the MckoiDDB binaries.

Development Source Code Repository

The latest development snapshot can be fetched from the Mckoi Git Server.

History of MckoiDDB Releases and Changes

MckoiDDB Version 1.3

Download: (Feb 21, 2012)


MckoiDDB Version 1.2

Download: (Feb 3, 2011)


Download: (Jan 5, 2011)


MckoiDDB Version 1.1

Download: (May 4, 2010)


MckoiDDB Version 1.0

This is the first release of MckoiDDB. As always, if you are storing data that is important to you make sure to keep regular backups.

MckoiDDB Download: (Oct 5, 2009)

MckoiDDB SQL Data Model Releases and Changes

MckoiDDB SQL Beta version 1.1

Download: (May 8, 2010)

This is the first release of the MckoiDDB SQL data model.

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