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Mckoi SQL Database

Mckoi SQL Database is an Open Source SQL Database System written in Java. The Mckoi SQL Database project was started in 1998, and the goal was to build a database management system in a traditional shared disk/shared memory style architecture. Mckoi SQL Database includes some nice features such as write-ahead-logging. Many of the design ideas implemented in this project were carried through into MckoiDDB, the evolution of this project.

This page contains links and resources for the Mckoi SQL Database software.

Download The Software

Since June 2018, Mckoi SQL Database is released under the Apache License version 2. Before using the software, please read the license and understand its terms. A copy of the license is available here. This is an open source project. You are free to download and distribute the software under the terms of the license.

Apache Version

Older GPL version

The Documentation and FAQ

Online documentation is available at: A copy of this documentation is also found in the /docs directory of each release.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is at:

Mailing List and Support

If you would like to contact me privately about Mckoi SQL Database you can email

Old list archives can be accessed here:

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